How Trump could stage a coup in 2024

When the enraged mob stormed the Capitol on January the 6th, five people got killed, 140 policemen were injured and two officers commited suicide in the days to come. This does not sufficiently picture what the representatives of the people had to undergo in these many hours; they had to fear for their lives. - Why a supposed coup at the upcoming presidency elections in 2024 could still come to success completely without violence is attributed to Donald Trump having cleansed the Republican party. Everyone who did speak against his election fraud lie has been dismissed. On the contrary members of the Republican party are actively working towards that thousands or even millions of votes could no more be counted correctly at the next ballot.

At the one side they try to shorten voting deadlines, raise the identification requirements and reduce the number of polling places in Republican led federal states or they reorganize electoral districts so that the votes, especially of coloured voters will not get counted any more because they are in the wrong district. Even worse they are paving the way for a manipulation of the elections in well known swing states like Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania or Wisconsin, which made Joe Biden win. Trump critical election supervisors are disempowered, the electoral board is newly composed and the processes are changed the way that it is easy to contest the results so that they can send their own electoral delegate by a majority decision to Washington.

The uprisal at the Capitol is thus continued in a legalized, formal way in the parliaments of the federal states. No policmen and no public prosecutor will then be able to do anything against a true election fraud.

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