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The Cartel between Energy Producers and Power Grid Providers
How electricity suppliers pocket high yields at the expense of consumers. -
and how they block the expansion of alternative energy.

Expensive Tortuous Paths in Climate Protection: Agrofuel and Counterproductive Water Power Projects
The climate balance of agrofuels is negative; and even the climate balance of certain waterpower projects; however the loss in biodiversity caused by these projects is at least as bad as the climate balance; apart from the negative influence on food production.

Plastic Synthetics, Environment and Health
The annual worldwide plastic productions amounts to 240.000.000 tons – with conspicious effects: Life in the oceans suffocates from plastic litter while people are facing harm by higher and higher amounts of poisonous plastic ingrediants. *** new *** The currently most readcasted and downloaded article on elstel.

Sea Level Rise
Should we ever let the polar ice shields melt down that would result in a sea level rise of up to 74 meters. However this is far not the most nasty effect of global warming.

Cradle to Cradle
100% recycleable, 100% free of poisounous substances (in German)

*** Film Review - Samsara *** , Flight MH17 and the Conflict in the Eastern Ukraine , about the war in Syria , about the NSA spy program PRISM , about Flight Nr MH370

Huge Catfish in lake Ossiach (2013-08-08).

Wasted Lives


important issues:
TTIP is about to undermine environmental (GMO, fracking, nuclear power, food safety), labour and health standards in the European Union: attac about TTIP, European Citizens’ Initiative against TTIP avaaz: STOP TTIP petition; links: at iatp.org and globaltimes.cn. So called 'investor state dispute resolutions' would abolish our democracy and national sovereignty as we know it today: companys could sew against any law affecting their future profits: read more: revolutimes.com; even the WTO strongly opposes TTIP as other countries may either be excluded or pressed with similar conditions; European Day of Action against TTIP, CETA and TISA on the 11th of October,
support: AlternativeTradeMandate.org; more information: on the German page.

net neutrality: what is it? , How to protect it (campaign for the USA by EFF).

Você é do Brasil?
Protega as suas florestas: Assine a petição pelo Desmatamento Zero da Amazonia.

Rescue the Rainforest , Nabu , Greenpeace .
you may see for more links on the german site ... Survival International ; book: John Perkins (dreamchange): Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (uma sistema de mentira e chantagem)