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TTIP and its economic impact on the European Union
The effects of TTIP on the European economies is estimated very differently by different types of economic models (CGM, UN GPM). *** new ***

Expensive Tortuous Paths in Climate Protection: Agrofuel and Counterproductive Water Power Projects
The climate balance of agrofuels is negative; and even the climate balance of certain waterpower projects; however the loss in biodiversity caused by these projects is at least as bad as the climate balance; apart from the negative influence on food production.

ISDS: When Companies sue the State
Read about some precedent cases for Investor-state dispute resolutions and how they affect the international treaties TTIP and CETA. *** new ***

Plastic Synthetics, Environment and Health
The annual worldwide plastic productions amounts to 240.000.000 tons – with conspicious effects: Life in the oceans suffocates from plastic litter while people are facing harm by higher and higher amounts of poisonous plastic ingrediants. The currently most readcasted and downloaded article on elstel.

Sea Level Rise
Should we ever let the polar ice shields melt down that would result in a sea level rise of up to 74 meters. However this is far not the most nasty effect of global warming.

The Cartel between Energy Producers and Power Grid Providers
How electricity suppliers pocket high yields at the expense of consumers. -
and how they block the expansion of alternative energy.

Cradle to Cradle
100% recycleable, 100% free of poisounous substances

Huge Catfish in lake Ossiach (2013-08-08).

Wasted Lives


issues of interest:

100 Billion Euro of public money for nuclear power? to the Petition, Eight Reasons against Nuclear Power.

Water barrage projects which are bad for Climate Protection: Xingú, Tapajós, ... Please Support the Mundurukú , read more at elstel.org .

Help to protect the Los Chimalapas rainforest in Mexico together with the Zoque people: Take Action [https/rainforest-rescue.org]

About the right of tribal people to hunt for their livelihood: Take Action for the Live of these People

Você é do Brasil?
Protega as suas florestas: Assine a petição pelo Desmatamento Zero da Amazonia.

Rescue the Rainforest , Nabu , Greenpeace .
you may see for more links on the german site ... Survival International ;
book: John Perkins (dreamchange): Confessions of an Economic Hit Man (uma sistema de mentira e chantagem) ,
book: Udo Ulfkotte: Gekaufte Journalisten: Wie Politiker, Geheimdienste und Hochfinanz Deutschlands Massenmedien lenken
(corrupted journalists: how politicians, intelligence services and high finance steer Germanys mass media.).