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of Elws. Starnight

of Elws. Starnight

I am back again; a new homepage should follow shortly.

don`t google; better talk ...

Vive Peru; vive Bolivia! Vive o Brasil!

*** (un)recent issues & articles ***

The Cartel between Energy Producers and Power Grid Providers
How electricity suppliers pocket high yields at the expense of consumers. -
and how they block the expansion of alternative energy.

The Agrofuel Aberration
How a wrong policy can lead to more expensive food prices and
to the clearance of the last primeval forests.

Sea Level Rise
Should we ever let the polar ice shields melt down that would result in a sea level rise of up to 74 meters. However this is far not the most nasty effect of global warming.

AdBlock List for Konqueror & Firefox
based on Filterset G.: how to install
*** updated 2009-10-10 ****

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Computer Programmes, Tips & Tricks

-    checkroot - Verification of Root FS (improved rpm --verify -a)  *** new ***   -

-    openroot - X11 access for chroot  (also: read-only chroot & many other features)    -

-    warp - Application Preloader for KDE3 (in development)    -

-    CoAn - simulate Turing Machines and Finite Automatons (currently unmaintained)   -

-    Printing with Gutter/Gap (Inner Margin) under Linux    -

MM3 - an extension of Modula-3 for Multimedia Programming

Linux Corner

Informations for the OpenSuSE core test team.

Informations for the OpenSuSE core test team.