core test team meetings

summary of core test team meeting #2, 2009-22-10

  1. test openSUSE 11.3 or 11.2? - test 11.2 as long as buggy
  2. happy testing
  3. structuring testing: TestTopia
  4. next meeting
  5. questions of any kind by team members

    bmwiedemann: or we talk amongst ourselves a little. I have been reading the Testopia manual and found mention of a "Testers" group defining test-cases and assigning testers.
    bmwiedemann: that would probably the Testing Core Team (us)
    MrKane: Regarding xorg, how iss this functioning without an xorg.conf file?
    bmwiedemann: it creates xorg.conf on-the-fly
    elm: yes they have promised me to keep xorg.confs supported
    MrKane: SaX isn't hidden. It's just out of Yast.

    Holgi: hi
    bmwiedemann: good evening Holgi
    Holgi: right: my question with this topic is: do we want/are we able to do some structured testing with 11.2
    Holgi: bmwiedemann: like having a testplan
    badshah: but we have not really the time to do that for 11.2 do we
    Holgi: purpose of my question is: it's quite late to test 11.2 - so maybe it does not make sense
    Holgi: we are releasing
    elm: there should always be a way to resolve really annoying bugs
    Holgi: elm: no doubt
    badshah: Holgi: we have subteams, so maybe if we can up with plans for each subteams we can rapidly test accordingly during the next few days before rc2 is out
    elm: I don`t think we should stop testing 11.2 as long as we find important bugs.
    ReferenceSeete: I agree with elm.
    ReferenceSeete: We should test 11.2 through to GM

    ReferenceSeete: MP3 playback is fine assuming one uses the normal routes (Packman or VLC repos)
    LWFinger: MrKane: I use Amarok for mp3 pplayback. Once I git the xinecodec installed, it works
    badshah: MrKane: I tested out the vlc, works for me
    [20:32] ReferenceSeete: Video is fine given what I have watched. (Xvid, Theora, WMV)
    Holgi: so conclusion: happy testing + have some experience with testopia?!
    MrKane: Anyone tested with proprietary GFX drivers?
    elm: the fglrx does not work yet
    elm: ... have posted that but as it seems amd still won`t care about RCx & perhaps even not about kernel updates
    MrKane: elm: then we need to get it in to the release notes. Many people need prop. drivers for games ++

    MrKane: holgi: is it an idea that you get to redirect correctly?
    bmwiedemann: works

    Holgi: LWFinger: how to deplay the testopia on a bugzilla system?
    Holgi: LWFinger: I have never done this - but the link is

    MrKane: holgi: is the openSuse 11.2 Feature and openSUSE 11.2 Application Tests plans the only used for testing internally ?
    Holgi: MrKane:
    Holgi: MrKane: select the tab "Test Runs"
    Holgi: what is necessary to understand with testopia:
    Holgi: a testplan does contain a number of testcases
    Holgi: but results can just be entered within test runs
    Holgi: such a testrun either contains all testcases or a subset of testcases from the test plan
    Holgi: in case of the features we created testruns for every milestone/r
    badshah: Holgi: but we are not able to create new plans right yet?
    badshah: Holgi: ok, so we should just ask you for creating test plans for us, as soon as we have a plan right?
    Holgi: badshah: if there is a need for - so far I consider all testcases as part of the application tests
    Holgi: badshah: but for installation as an example, another plan would be good
    Holgi: badshah: keep in mind - you can create testruns with just a subset of testcases from a testplan
    badshah: Holgi: ok, thanks for the info
    MrKane: Can I have: "Testing zypper features" on Environment=X and another "Testing zypper features" on Environment=Y or must the runs have separate naming?
    Holgi: MrKane: they may have the same name, but a name mentioning the differences would be better
    MrKane: I think Insallation can be an area that is good to start on with Testopis. It's an important area for 11.3 early on and we all like our HW to work.
    jradzuweit: we could use a plan for each team
    Holgi: jradzuweit: I'm not sure if that is necessary, but yes I can create those
    badshah: jradzuweit: as you will see most of these plans might be already covered under application tests
    Holgi: but if that would help someone I'm willing to create those plans
    MrKane: Hmm.. I would like to create plans my self. Any reason we should not be allowed to do that?
    bmwiedemann: MrKane: you can create new test-Cases which is what is really needed
    jradzuweit: MrKane: agreed, HW is not really covered so far
    MrKane: Can a crated test case be usedd in any plan or is it "hardlinked" to one plan?
    badshah: bmwiedemann: you can add test-case to existing plans
    bmwiedemann: even attached to test-runs
    Holgi: badshah: and existing runs
    bmwiedemann: might be worthwhile... I heard, even microsoft polished usability with its latest release
    MrKane: Can a created test case be used in any plan or is it "hardlinked" to one plan?
    Holgi: MrKane: you can copy plans and also copy testcases to other plans
    Holgi: MrKane: and you can link test cases to plan
    Holgi: MrKane: linked testcase in testcase 2 will also be changed if you change it in testplan 1
    Holgi: MrKane: copied will not not change in testplan 2

    bmwiedemann: I was thinking, that there should possibly be a very different meeting date/time for those who never could attend thursday evening meetings
    --- perhaps you could suggest another meeting date on the mailing list if you find it hard to attend meetings as they have been scheduled up to now ---
    elm: one week after RC2.
    bmwiedemann: yes, weekend would be cool.
    next meeting: 2009-10-31 1600 UTC

    LWFinger: A separate question - What is gnome-do and what does it do?
    ReferenceSeete: LWFInger: gnome-do is essentially an application laucher
    ReferenceSeete: No, more like KRunner
    ReferenceSeete: If you know what app you'd like to run you can just pull up Gnome-Do and start typing the app's name
    badshah: LWFinger: you can also enable aditional plugins in do, and use it to browse, move, copy your files or take screenshots and lots of things.
    bugbot: openSUSE bug 540518 in openSUSE 11.2 (GNOME) "gnome-do uses all cpu time on my system" [Normal,Reopened]
    LWFinger: badshah: Thanks - you saved me a Bugzilla search - they usually fail for me anyway.
    badshah: LWFinger: you're welcome. bugzilla search with the advanced searching works for me mostly, but the simple one usually does not

summary of core test team meeting #1, 2009-08-10

  1. Available Hardware
  2. Test Automation
  3. Sub-teams/Areas of concentration
  4. Factory vs. Factory-Snapshot
  5. Preliminary Roadmap for 11.3
  6. Schedule next meeting

* everyone should test for available hardware
* a database to query for available working and non working hardware that includes existing hardware compatibility lists would be a good thing.
may wanna upload our smolt-hardware profiles:
smoltSendProfile -p
smoltGui server.

2.) postponed
<MrKane> Can we get some training material? How is it expected to be used, test automation script examples?

3.) please join a testing subarea!
<badshah> broadly: installation/zypper, gnome, kde, wireless, sound+flash etc, Yast

<LWFinger>I have only tested snapshots when working with a dev to fix a bug. That is valuable.
<estellnb> If I add me to group X I will test X from factory and the rest from milestone - or so?
That would make sense, wouldn`t it?
<jradzuweit> RSeete_: I think this would be the best
<badshah> for the next month or so, there will be only two Rc's. It is important that we test out factory snapshots in between them for 11.2 to be as free of bug as possible
<Holgi> my approach would be: testing factory automated and milestones manually
<Holgi> estellnb: right - for the future

<bmwiedemann> Preliminary Roadmap for 11.3 should probably contain something about "automated testing"
<MrKane> What is the estimated release date of 11.3?
<Holgi> MrKane: date of 11.2 + 8 month
<AJaeger> The thursday before the 15th of July 2010
<MrKane> thx.

6.) radeonhd currently instable
<estellnb> shouldn`t we prevent versions where f.i. hw accelaration does not work to get into RC1?
<MrKane> estellnb: sounds sensible
<estellnb> so we need some of us to test radeonhd from factory to verify that a certain version works all right only verified versions should be considered for RC1!
<thomas_> i got radeon 4850
<bmwiedemann> got ATI Technologies Inc Radeon HD 3870
<estellnb> got ATI mobility Radeon HD-2700

2009-10-22 18:00 UTC again


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