Visit from Nature!

It is just a few days ago when I wanted to return from our kitchen to my room that I have met a little snake in our house. No wonder with that heat outside that our snake desired to relax in an aesthetical ambience! The little Aeskulap Colubrid has proven itself good-natured and did let it happen when we carried her out with a shopping basket. Anyway, we believe the animal has proven good taste by coming to our house …

At our home not far from Villach in Austria where nature seems to still be at its best you may encounter Äskulap Colubrids of a length of almost up to 2 meters. Äskulaps are not poisonous and quite harmless. Cool animals! Äskulap Colubrids have been venerated and admired since the times of the antiquity as a symbol of medical science while the ancient Romans kept the snakes in their cellar in order to have the mice caught. Just have a relaxing time with our video …

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snake in the house
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