flashing the firmware for Asus P5* mother­boards

Many Asus P5* boards have falshrom support. The Asus P5P41T/USB3, the Asus V-P5G41E and the Asus P5G41T-M LX V2 boards all have a socketed winbond 25Q80BVAIG BIOS chip which can be easily programmed with an FT2232H programmer. First read our general description on how to flash externally. Then have a look at the following documents:

description of the FT2232H
flashrom.org: PIN configuration #1
flashrom.org: PIN configuration #2

For the FT2232H also read the USB Bus-powered section in order to make the device recognized by lsusb. For a specific flash chip you may either use the pins of the CN2 bank or the CN3 bank but you must not inermangle them. Then flash like this:

flashrom -p ft2232_spi:type=2232H -r/-w my-bios.flashrom
P5G41T-M_LX_V2-original.flashrom gpg signature
P5G41T-M_LX_V2-fresh-good-BIOS-update.flashrom gpg signature
roms/P5P41TUSB3-measured-03.flashrom gpg signature
roms/P5P41TUSB3-might-boot-USB3.flashrom gpg signature
roms/V-P5G41E-initial.flashrom gpg signature
roms/V-P5G41E-after-upd.flashrom gpg signature

The P5G41T-M_LX_V2 images are known good. They have been taken as the board has been received from the manufacturer and directly thereupon after a BIOS update. The P5P41TUSB3 images may be tampered. One of them has even booted from USB3 though the board does normally not support this. I hope I have packed the right image for that. Finally there are two images of the V-P5G41E; one with an old BIOS and one after the latest BIOS update. Never flash an image if the board name as given by dmidecode does not match exactly.

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general description: external BIOS flashing

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