Nuclear Power: environmentally catastrophic and economically infeasible.

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EU Decision Makers have been Back-Doored again to take Tax-Payers Money for Nuclear

A recently leaked discussion paper from the European Commission makes the industry’s ambitions clear: they want support for dangerous nuclear power, and they want it from EU taxpayers’ money.

Next week, on 6th of June 2016 the EU energy ministers are meeting. We have to use this moment to shout out loudly against nuclear power in Europe. Let’s tell our ministers and the Commission to drop all plans to support the nuclear power industry in their expensive gambles with our tax money - and with our health!

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about the Nuclear Disasters of Fukushima and Tschernobyl

This spring the nuclear disaster of Fukushima will be five years ago while the disaster of Tschernobyl will date back to 30 years in the past. In the face of these severe tragedies and the ongoing, ill-omened deployment of nuclear energy we will contribute by giving reference to some current petitions and informations provided by environmental groups.

The Japanese government under prime minister Abe is currently reactivating nuclear power plants. The government plans to settle back 160,000 people who still have to live in provisional loggings into an area which is as highly contaminated as the prohibited zone around Tschernobyl. The severe effects on the Pacific as a habitat and source of human food can not yet be assessed.

The malicious effects of the nuclear disaster of Tschernobyl are still underestimated as the TORCH report tells us. Thereby 40,000 additional, lethal cancer diseases need to be counted with on a long term because of Tschernobyl; about as many as the nuclear bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945 have already caused. A contract between the IAEA which is still advertising nuclear power and the WHO causes an underestimation of nuclear disasters according to Global 2000.

European Fund for Strategic Investments released

: The EU has released its new investment fund comprising 315 Billion Euros. We are positively surprised! Investments in the strategic infrastructure including digital, transport and energy, in education research and innovation, in environmentally sustainable projects as well as in small and mid-cap businesses should be driven forward. Read the full article here.. No more plans to foster nuclear energy. …   —   the European Union shows us how it can make up a positive influence provided that the communication and the flow of information between citizens, exponents of civil society, economy and agents of the European Union works well.

No More Public Money for New Nuclear Power Plants!

Eight Reasons against Nuclear Power

: Jean-Claude Juncker`s new investment plan to promote the economy of the European Union includes 100 Billion Euro or one third of all resources to be spent just for nuclear energy. That needs to be prevented because we believe that nuclear energy is no viable alternative for the future: