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Free Games for the eCom­station

Have fun with special and standard games for OS/2 Presentation Manager and the DOS Emulation.
We also show how Hexxagon runs with the dosbox under Linux; an amazing set of free games for the eComstation!

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OS/2 Warp: Installation and Update Manual
OS/2 Addons: FileFreedom, Fonts & Icons, Links to gpg and mp3-support

Hexxagon - a free game for the DOS Emulation of OS/2 and Linux

Hexxagon is a really fun and amusing free strategy game for one or two players. You will be demonstrated shortly how it works - the game has a visual intro / demo. Under Linux you may run it by dosbox like the following:

mount c /games/ c: cd Hexxagon dir /w hexx
(change to drive C: which you have just mounted) (same as ls: directory listing in broad format) (run hexx.exe)

Under OS/2 and the eComstation the game should work out of the box including sound (if the sound drivers have been installed correctly also for DOS/Win16). Nonetheless you may apply the DOS settings we have shipped with the game (HEXX.DSG).

Making almost all DOS games run under the eComstation

Unfortunately we can not ship a broader range of DOS games that are fun here because most of them have been proprietary software. Nonetheless I am sure that you may make all of them work - with a little help: see for 'DOS Games Settings' in the download area below. We have also provided some OS/2 icons for popular DOS games: see for 'DOS Game Icons' below.

Games written natively for OS/2

Most games provided here are written natively for OS/2 and thus also for the eComstation. In this section we will present some of them.

Back Gammon

A game of dice where you have to move your gaming pieces into the goal and can plonk your enemies pieces:

  1. double click: throw the dice
  2. right mouse button drag: move your gaming pieces

Make all but one gaming piece in the middle disappear from the field.

  1. right mouse button drag: move
Master Mind

Guess a code made up of four differently coloured fields: A black gaming piece means that you have guessed the right color in the right position while a white gaming piece as output to your choice means the right color in the wrong position.

  1. right mouse button: new color
  2. left mouse button: set color for your next guess

A text adventure in the australian outback.


Collect items on a 3D-field.


A variation of TicTacToe where your can move your gaming pieces.

Snake and PM Worm

also known as nibbles (arcade game).

Download Area

You may download any game individually or all games at once via

Game Download FileSize sha256sum
Hexxagon 573025 3e5aef0e720a59ba32ae90a560931e9110c9e82b1b52fdddea4c4a929034bc0e
DOS Games Settings 17045 844dda29d4fe72a9805d1c1d858e27e46d2e219c0c4c213415e0953e6177d137
DOS Gaming Icons 4602 3a1e6e27d4f90751ba8c55e50704e2c5d7bd86dedd9ef2a348c3d4d5aa31c716
Mytris (Tetris) 41204 1f1cb630d044241ee19ab2f5408f9332338667770f0218baaffbdfaea211065f
Back Gammon 30711 a7ab5c7315c3b236e7407018303953cf1fdff15fb8845c9e6fef50e9a1eb8674
Checkers 27107 d6d29dd77a00219e2482640928b9440b26e248c3127abe5cf1f8085985682e09
Chomp - Packman 19031 1b101aaa25ff1a87294145478422eccb9ca38497bfcc52b8b86e211642952d2f
Dinkum 236010 9eeec7ec539a7677aa247f73b1f9758dc8b53b666143c2bc7db7bee7428aa4df
Connect Four 38730 f824d93a11fca375c936397d8e83bda1642ffe2481ea3ed283713fb35dc1c5dd
Go (no computer player) 7816 efdd84e8c4c0b8a9251fa15dbef9600a08bd08e5e1bed56ba289f1659f9215f5
JumpOS2 539470 11065d82b29c70606dece0f742238e43e20e53d7fabad94551f38cb3d37d6794
Master Mind 30606 ce58d5750b253d842cb25eb4b0ffb55303293b500906d9f32d36297ca025a627
Minesweeper 544857 71c263940de10a0db43dc9a67b37c05ecafea0bb40447a4150f63f416d43bee5
NikNak 28101 c2b57f578189602fe7c4ca92a691251fbe259a0187509843a78fcc9009881dad
Oil Pipeline Builder 373838 45069fc6f133033b145929be2687b8075058254608b982b44dbf178f836e04b5
Othello 32151 04c172d52d78106a459edd41cbc348e3637c83a135ada89b7e1bb715f7c58d21
Pegged 27958 b74e367154c1cdf029836e901626474be62bbebde07ff7b8912b21af2e09d549
Scramble 20769 db89d79e991469d68f827f23704f1b7cf6b7ea8828793ca88b5a2ad1cdf72121
PM Worm 85392 6aa5a9b84bc23158e93c32e2aa30a5c74582261ff08bd434fc35059f333f754e
Snake 10030 0d73a009472bc870cf9eed3654578741608affaad31d932538a69fdf7032f93d
Superfisch (DOS) 42823 46eb2443ce42739a43afea97c047d7f406205a0b9269e4967e5c4c7756d54e59
TicTacToe 3D 25939 782a674ef23d2a3a760492848ad156d861a85fe921e119053f841c321d5bdad0
All Games http[s]-dir, 2760507 0125cd694e0ff707952e1e451c5f35ecf667a96a914d92687dc362966a56c014

Games based on the SDL engine (a link collection)

Game Download Link
SDLMame (Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator) hobbes: sdlmame
LBreakout2 (breakout style arcade game) hobbes: lbreakout2
MegaMario (clone of the old Nintendo game with Mario Luigi) hobbes: megamario
Amphetamine (jump'n run game with visual effects) hobbes: amphetamine
OpenTyrian (arcade style vertical scrolling shooter) hobbes: opentyrian
Atomiks (faithful remake of the classic puzzle game) hobbes: atomiks
even more SDL games on netlabs
the SDL engine hobbes: SDL-1.2

Sourceforge Games for the eComstation (mostly Java based)

Game Download Link
Arianne (Multiplayer Online Adeventure Game) sourceforge: arianne
TripleA (turn based strategy game similar to Axis & Allies or Risk) sourceforge: triplea
JSokoban (Sokoban: push boxes, with cute features like auto solving ) sourceforge: jsoko
Domination (Java version of the strategy game Risk) sourceforge: domination game
Tyrant (graphical rogue like fantasy adventure game) sourceforge: tyrant
Bomberman (multi-player network game, free implementation of X-Blast)­berman
Planetary Hoppers HQ (space strategy game for up to 70 players)

3rd Party Games (from diverse web sites)

Game Download Link
Slash'EM (Nethack, Rogue based game of the times before Doom)
BoulderDash (mixture between dexterity and brain teaser, true color)
TunnelWars (OS/2 action game)
ScummVM (LucasArts adventure engine)
ScummVM (games compatibility list)

Even More Games (links from hobbes)

Game Download Link
FlashBack (port from Amiga/DOS) hobbes: flashback
AnotherWorld (with a port of the Fabother World engine) hobbes: anotherworld
Caph (sandbox game, establish contact between red and green objects, use gravity) hobbes: caph
BotRace (clone of the Robo Rally Qt4 board game; editor to create own boards) hobbes: botrace
Overload/2 (a small strategic PM Game) hobbes: over2
JawBreaker/2 (clear as many bubbles as possible out of an NxN matrix) hobbes: jawbreak
Piton (old fashioned eat'em all game) hobbes: piton
Quake 2 (3D game) hobbes: quake2
Kniffel (Yahtzee) hobbes: kniffel
Lites Out! (PM Game, puzzle) hobbes: lites out
Ribble (move rocks to catch all gems) hobbes: ribble
Ultimate Amiga Emulator (for AMIGA KickStart ROMs) hobbes: uae

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