Ibiza Video

transcription of the new parts shown in the ZIB2 on 2020-09-08 in the ORF, the Austrian television

In Austria the so called Ibiza video has led to the resignment of Heinz Christian Strache and the end of the coalition with of the ÖVP with the FPÖ party. Here you can read about a new and yet unpublished part of the video:

“The whole group of people around Sigi Wolf, around Porsche and Benko, all of them have put 20 millions in the pot for Sebastian Kurz (Austrian people`s party/ conservative party). They go into the election campaign and throw 20 million at it, make a street number at the party because of excess financiation, tell it the General Accounting Office and pay then 600.000 Euro penalty.&”, “And the social democrats are of course strong in the lodges (Freemasons) but I say also with Jewish industrials like Schlaff, Martin Schlaff.” ... They talked about the privatization of the water, of the privatization of the national Austrian news and television ORF, the Krone newspaper where Strache wanted to bring it fully under his control unmounting unwanted journalists while pushing others, about associations assoicated with political parties. “The system tries to buy us, or yes, to get rid of us”, “I do all the investments for my party, no matter whether it is gold, silver or real estates - secure diversification. We build up. We did not have any money. We did only have debts. Our assets are well disposed. I do not need a risk investment with 30% ... I need an investment where I make 8% but that for sure ... And I build up. There I have a structure. There I have power. There I have influence. That is what counts.”