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Dr. Waus Chaos Computer Film

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The film is about the social upheavals and movements in the early days of the Chaos Computer Club and shows the person of their founder Wau Holland, but also deals with other hackers like Tron, who constructed something to encrypt phone calls and was then assassinated, as well as the friction between secret services and hacker associations like the Chaos Computer Club. Hacking is a way of life and so the hacker ethic is definitely not neglected in the film.

Here is a small excerpt: “Access to computers and everything that can show you how this world works should be unlimited and complete. Information should be free. Distrust authority, promote decentralization. …”. Furthermore, computers were suitable for creating beauty. The hacker ethics were supplemented by the Chaos Computer Club with things like “don't mess with others’ data”.

Towards the end of the film, a member of today's Chaos Computer Club has his say. He tells us the following: “Zuckerberg is dangerous, a sociopath: It cannot be that people are kept in microrealities, that our attention is kept in permanent distractions, preventing them from seeing real conflicts in real interactions with other people and from reflecting on their own actions and their own lives in a social context. What is also necessary is the human right to worldwide unhindered communication, something that has deeply influenced Wau, because the principle of a war preparation was always to prevent communication, as people who talk with each other, they do not hit and shoot at each other so easily. Of course, this also requires that things are perceived. It's not enough to just put things on the Internet.”

read more at: CC: CCC (i.e. Carbon Copy to the Chaos Computer Club)

currently available in the ARD-Mediathek