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EPP: Mr. Jean-Claude Junckers statement about TTIP

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Ahead of the European Parliament elections, 2014 has asked different parties (ALDE, PES, EPP, green party) a.o. about their ideas and visions for a new Europe. However the only parties which have responded yet are the ALDE and EPP parties (2014-05-23, 2014-05-15). We know the green party to be against TTIP being along with the PES against mutual tax undercutting while the EPP argues for tax competition and measures against youth unemployment. The top candidates of the ALDE, PES, EPP and European green party are Guy Verhofstadt (ALDE), Martin Schulz (PES), Jean-Claude Juncker (EPP) and Ska Kella/José Bové (green party). Alexis Tsipras from the Party of the European Left is fighting against austerity.

Dear Elmar,

Thank you for your question and for showing interest towards the ALDE Party.

European Liberals are committed to building a stronger Europe to defend our common interests and values. We want a Europe that boosts the economy and creates jobs, the way of doing so is to integrate the market further in the direction of a Single market in the European Union. We believe in the power and success of the European single market, which has created millions of jobs. We will prioritise the completion and expansion of the single market, not least in services, identify and create new opportunities for economic growth and greater innovation, and boost the EU’s competitiveness.

Eliminating excessive national rules and regulations as well as border controls, and ensuring free movement of workers, have helped businesses to be stronger and more competitive. However, much more can and should be done to complete the single market and simplify doing business in Europe. We will reinforce the single market in energy, the digital market, financial services, transport and healthcare sectors, while further facilitating the free movement of services and workers. We will work for an EU-US free trade agreement that could boost the European economy by over 100 billion euros annually. We will also strive for free trade agreements with other major economic regions.

The digital economy is vital to jobs. We will work to create a modern economy that simplifies life through more e-services, and stimulates e-commerce by improving faster internet access, guaranteeing an open internet, fighting for net neutrality and creating a genuine single market in telecommunications, including the phasing out of mobile phone voice and data roaming charges by 2016, and unjustified prices for calling or texting across borders.

As liberals we strongly support the consumer's rights, and we think that the consumer always should have the opportunity to be fully aware about the products and the origin of the products he or she buys. We work for a Europe where transparency and accountability will not only apply within the framework of politics, but also within business.

For more information, please take a look at our manifesto:

You can also visit our policy centre for formal party lines in different topics:

Kindest regards,

Karin Ringbom

Alliance of Liberals and Democrats for Europe (ALDE) Party
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Your top candidate Guy Vehofstadt has explained in TV discussions his vision about an integration of markets in the EU and on how to establish an independent information technology sector in the EU (search engine, social media, etc.). Would you detail your plans for us a bit more?

What about the free trade negotiations between the EU and the US? Would your party consent in investor state dispute resolutions to be established? What about European labour, consumer and environmental standards?

The results of this submission may be viewed at:

TTIP, position of the EPP

As the response of the EPP has come without any disclosure agreement we do only want to cite what Mr. Jean-Claude Juncker has said on a press conference about TTIP (2014-04-23):

“Under my presidency, the Commission will negotiate a reasonable and balanced trade agreement with the United States of America. It is anachronistic that in the 21st century, Europeans and Americans still impose customs duties on each other’s products. These should be swiftly and fully abolished. I also believe that we can go a significant step further in recognising each other’s product standards or working towards transatlantic standards. However, as Commission President, I will also be very clear that I will not sacrifice Europe’s safety, health, social and data protection standards on the altar of free trade. Notably, the safety of the food we eat and the protection of the personal data of Europeans will be non-negotiable for me as Commission President”

There have been similar statements by Martin Schulz (PES) and even the ALDE party has placed a proposal about investor state dispute resolutions which has been adopted by Greenpeace. It may still be stressed that a trade agreement with the USA completely without any of such concessions may be hard to achieve and that the current state of negotiations concerning investor state dispute resolutions is unknown.

Several more parties campaign for the European Parliament elections 2014 and you should inform yourself either by the individual parties action programmes or information provided on the respective parties web page. You may have a look at the site of your countries government or perhaps also at gives reference to ten parties that can be voted in Austria.